An award–winning full–service creative audio production company

Established in 2006 and headquartered in Stockholm - we create mind blowing sound design and music for games, film, trailers and marketing. We also provide voice casting, technical implementation and creative consulting for anything audio related.

Our team consists of sound designers, composers, music supervisors, audio creatives, voice casters, producers and project managers. They know their shit.


Name a brand and we’ve probably done an ad for them. For over 15 years we’ve worked with ad agencies and production companies from all over the world, with first-time directors and the world famous ones. We’ve seen a couple of the first-timers become world famous too by the way. The fast paced and highly creative world of advertising fits us like a glove.


We’ve always been gamers at heart. So every time we team up with a developer to elevate their audio, it’s a genuine privilege. Either by helping with specific tasks, or by being the entire audio team. We create SFX and music, we build and implement systems, we cast and record voices, we produce and document audio direction. We pretty much do it all, for games of all sizes, shapes and colors.

TV & feature

For many at Red Pipe, it was the adolescent double-crush on music and movies that steered us to this line of work in the first place. TV series, feature films, documentaries and entertainment shows are in our DNA, and we love the opportunities for audio storytelling provided by longer formats. We work with all stages of post production - editing, sound design, music supervision, composition, foley, ADR, mixing, delivery, adaptations, etc. Our clients include big shots like Netflix, HBO and Nent as well as smaller producers and documentary filmers from all over the world.

Audio branding

With thousands of projects under our belt, we know how to make you stand out. And if you want to connect to your audience on an emotional level, audio is the way to go. We’ve helped brands, ad agencies, video game companies, exhibitions, shopping malls and many more with everything from audio branding to music strategies and UI/UX-concepts.

Sound design

With eleven in house sound designers and top of the line studios we can create and design sound for everything. Our quality and creativity is world renowned in both the film and gaming world. The departement is lead by Erik Olsson (who is also one of our founders).


If you want to feel something, you typically need music. Our music department handles supervision, production and licensing of music for all kinds of platforms. We can identify what kind of music a project needs and make it a reality - in whatever way or form is most appropriate for the project at hand. We have skilled composers on staff and a wide network of freelancers to meet your needs. Our music supervisor Urban Robertsson will guide you to the perfect result every time.

Voice casting

Ad agencies need their message delivered by a voice that perfectly matches the tone of their film. Game studios need strong character actors that can inject life into their virtual worlds. With our extensive voice talent database, we’ve got all bases covered. Our casting directors will help you find the right voices, in virtually all languages and styles.

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All our services

Sound design, mixing (stereo, 5.1, surround), music composition, music supervision, music licensing, voice casting, voice recording, voice edit, ADR, audio branding, sonic branding, creative direction, interactive music, game engine implementing, SFX, foley, project management, ENG, art projects, installations, dubbing.