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Award winning full service creative audio production company

Established 2006 with HQ in Stockholm - we create mind blowing sound design and music for games, film, trailers and marketing. We also provide voice casting, implementation for games and creative consulting for anything audio related.

The team consist of top of the line sound designers, composers, music supervisors, audio creatives, voice casters, producers and project managers. 

Our projects span from classic audio post production to projects where we are more involved in creating ideas and concepts. We work a lot with marketing, video games and film.


We’ve worked with ad agencies and production companies from all over the world and had the honor to work with numerous directors in all stages of their careers - from first gig to world famous! The fast paced and highly creative world of advertising fits us perfectly. We deliver for TV, web, radio and cinema.


We team up with game studios to help them take their game audio and music to the highest possible level. We can either help with a specific task, or be your whole audio team. We create all kinds of SFX, interactive music and voices as well as implementing and creating initial audio direction and specifications. We work with games of all sizes and for all platforms.


With experience from thousands of projects we know how to make you stand out. We’ve helped brands, ad agencies, video game companies, product companies and many more with everything from audio branding and music strategy to creating sound logos and clarifying UI/UX.


TV series, feature films, documentaries and entertainment shows are in our DNA. We work with all stages of production; voice edit, sound design, foley, ADR, stereo/surround mix , delivery, adaptations, etc.

Our clients include big shots like Netflix, HBO and Nent as well as smaller producers and documentary makers from all over the world.


With seven in house sound designers and top of the line studios we can create and design sound for everything. Our quality and creativity is world renowned in both the film and gaming world. The departement is lead by Erik Olsson (who is also one of our founders).


Our music division supervises, creates and licenses music for moving pictures, games and all other kinds of experiences. We offer music supervision, original compositions, remakes/covers and library music. The department is lead by Urban and Björn and is amplified with a large network of freelance composers with different specialities.


Our internal voice casting agency helps you find voices in all languages and styles. We apply a modern licensing philosophy and work with everything from commercials and ADR to video games and dubbing.

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Sound design, mixing (stereo, 5.1, surround), music composition, music supervision, music licensing, voice casting, voice recording, voice edit, ADR, audio branding, sonic branding, creative direction, interactive music, game engine implementing, SFX, foley, project management, ENG, art projects, installations, dubbing.