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Red Pipe is an award winning full-service audio facility. We believe in quality and efficiency, in curiosity and friendliness. We believe in collaboration without prestige and that this can make the sum greater than its parts. For the past eight years, we have made a living crafting what we love – sound and music. Originally in commercials, nowadays just as much in the world of TV-dramas, features, games, radio and real world installations. And we love it more than ever.

Field Recording

We operate our own full-blown field recording rig, with state of the art equipment across the board. It is deployed to our carefully selected pool of trusted recordists, who engage in everything from half day shoots to productions spanning several months. By taking responsibility for all audio recording during a shoot, we ensure that we have everything we need in post production, at the highest possible quality. Good for us, good for our clients.

Contact Kim Creutzer for enquiries and general info:


At Red Pipe, we compose and produce tailor-made music from the ground up. In addition to our in-house team of composers, we employ a network comprising some of swedens most renowned music producers. With such a diverse palette of talent at our disposal, we can cover virtually any genre of music and take on all types of assignments. We also take a supervising role if needed, providing input and direction at an early stage to help find the right tone for a project.

To discuss music in any form, contact Erik Brattlöf:

Post Production

Post production is our heritage, and our track record includes thousands of projects for domestic and international clients alike.The broad term we call post production is composed of many different services: Sound design, Foley, Mixing, Project management, Voice casting, Voice-over and narration recording, Remote recordings, ADR and Restoration.

Most of these are usually combined in our projects, but we can of course cater for specific and singular needs as well.

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Powered By Red Pipe

Powered by Red Pipe is a proprietary technical solution that allows us to broadcast our work in real-time to clients at a remote location. This facilitates reviews and approvals when time is short, which it often is. Our network of connected partners is constantly expanding, and includes production companies, advertising agencies and post production facilities. If you have internet and a TV, we can hook you up.

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