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About us

Red Pipe is an award winning full-service audio facility. Our services span the entire audio production chain, from the first day of shooting to the last day of post production. We believe in quality and efficiency, in curiosity and friendliness. We believe in collaboration without prestige and that this can make the sum greater than its parts. For the past eight years, we have made a living crafting what we love - sound and music. Originally in commercials, nowadays just as much in the world of TV-dramas, features, games, radio and real world installations. And we love it more than ever.

Field Recording

Most projects we do start with a film shoot. If we get our way - we’re there from the very first frame. By taking responsibility for all audio recording during a shoot, we ensure that we have everything needed in post production, at the highest possible quality. Good for us, good for our clients. We use our own custom configured equipment and a carefully selected pool of trusted recordists, spearheaded by Kim Creutzer. For enquiries and general info, he’s your man.


Now, who doesn’t love music? It’s impact and importance for the overall tone of a project is hard to question. At Red Pipe, we mostly compose tailor-made music from scratch. Should the project require something else (stock music, artist licensing etc.), we’ll gladly take on or supervise that process as well. Whichever our involvement, getting the music right demands both a broad general knowledge and attention to the fine details that make all the difference.

Post Production

Post production is the last stop in our production chain, and often the very last stop for the entire project. This is where all the elements come together - production audio, music and narration is assembled with additional sound design to craft that perfect final mix. It is also the place to make a real difference, and we always aspire to do uniquely creative and inspired work.

Powered by Red Pipe

In a world of tight schedules and hard deadlines, it is sometimes easier or more convenient for our clients to not visit us in person. For these occasions, we have enabled a workflow that lets us broadcast our work to specified recipients, for remote review and approval in real-time. High quality audio and HD video is streamed in perfect sync from our workstations, and revisions can be made and signed off from the remote location. If you have internet and a TV, we can hook you up. Contact us for more info.

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